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jeremy1911 January 16th, 2022 22:26

Western Arms Pistol.
I have a Western Arms scw ver3 Smith&Wesson 1911pd that i habe had for a very long time. Does anyone know what something like that would be worth? Are they collectable at this point? Can send pics to whoever would like to help, can't seem to post them here for some reason.

hattrick January 22nd, 2022 22:44

Western arms pistols are super nice. The details and plastic molding are the best available.

They are collectable, but no one seems to want them.

Worth 250-300 in mint condition.

Given the activity on this site, you would be lucky to sell it for 200 in 6 months.

Ratters January 23rd, 2022 13:55

Western Arms
These were a Japan gas only item, although there were upgrades available, metal slides, other internal / external parts to make them green gas or propane friendly

Somebody might be willing to trade for it if it's in good working order at that price point

Send me some pics including detailed pics with the slide removed, top, sides and inside outer plastic slide / blowback housing areas

If you want, I'll pm you my email

Kwokwai January 23rd, 2022 19:58

If you're not adverse to facebook there's a Western Arms specific group that I'm a participant in:

http s://

Mind you, you'll more than likely have to sell outside of Canada as there are more WA collectors outside than in. I'm looking for WA 1911 and 2011 parts myself but my wife has given me fair warning to stop spending so unfortunately I'm not in the market to buy from you unless you'd be willing to do a trade (plus potentially cash difference) for something else.

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